Pousada do Cachimbo > 40 years in the Pantanal. Special place for backpackers and unique travelers that are looking for nature !

Hostel Corumbá - Pousada do Cachimbo - Corumba Pantanal - Brazil

Pousada do Cachimbo - Hostel in Corumbá

The Hotel Pousada do Cachimbo

Developed by Mr. Hugo Pereira de Souza , even cattle breeder from Campo Grande, whose roots lay in the Pantanal. In the year 1971 he bought property opposite the Tamengo bay; in the same year it began with the building. He possessed 2 cattle farms in the Pantanal region and exerted large political influence. Up to its death 1980 the hotel was its private domicile. It´s wife, Jane Livet de Macedo, decided to transform thereafter the farm into a hotel.

Today the "Pousada do Cachimbo" is the most traditional house at the place and in the course of the years nothing from its charm lost. It is still very beautiful for the native ones of the area as well as it is for tourists.


* Special offers to backpackers and international volunteers that might be interested in helping building ecological tourism.

The Pousada do Cachimbo has the profile for ecotourists, adventure travelers, students and groups for seniors. Special prices for all these groups above. Our hostel also accepts pets.

Dear travellers and nature-friends the "Baía do Tamengo" is a very special place into the Pantanal and we have some ways by the Baía do Tamengo.Lächelnd